Bottle Bill Supporters Encouraged to Speak Out Against SF 520 at Subcommittee Hearing

A bill that would allow grocery stores and other retailers to immediately opt-out of redeeming cans and bottles will get a subcommittee hearing Tuesday.  Under SF 520, stores could simply give notice to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources that they no longer intend to return deposits on beer, pop, wine and liquor containers.  Instead, consumers would have to go to redemption centers to get their five-cent refunds.

The other major provision of the bill would increase the handling fee paid to redemption centers from one cent per container to two cents.  The one-cent fee is currently paid by beverage distributors (who deliver bottled and canned drinks to stores, restaurants and bars).  Under SF 520, distributors would be on the hook for the second penny as well. 

On Tuesday, Senate Ways and Means Committee Chair Randy Feenstra (R-Hull), Vice Chair Dan Dawson (R-Council Bluffs) and Jackie Smith (D-Sioux City) will hear arguments for and against SF 520.  If the measure passes subcommittee, it will be eligible for consideration by the full Ways & Means Committee.

We encourage Iowa bottle bill supporters to speak out against SF 520 at Tuesday’s hearing

When:   Tuesday, March 26, 11:00 am

Where:  Iowa Capitol, 2nd Floor, Senate Lobbyist Lounge