Bottle Bill Repeal Legislation Introduced in Iowa House

On February 23rd, legislation aimed at repealing the Bottle Bill, the cornerstone of Iowa’s recycling processes, was introduced by State Representative Ross Paustian of Scott County.  Rep. Paustian, chair of the House Environmental Protection Committee, introduced House File 163.

For nearly forty years, Iowa’s Bottle Bill has thrived and continues to be overwhelmingly popular.  Iowans are familiar with this law; they know it works and they like it.  The high level of participation by Iowa businesses and Iowa consumers is the key to the program’s success.  Iowa’s deposit law is the second-best performing program in the United States on a per capita basis with an estimated 86 percent of beverage containers being redeemed annually.  Conversely, non-deposit states produce an average 25 percent redemption rate.  This law keeps an estimated 1.65 billion containers out of Iowa’s landfills, ditches, and waters each year.  Why would we want to go backwards?