New Bottle Bill Polling Results Released

On March 9th, 2017, supporters of Iowa’s existing bottle bill flocked to the Iowa Capitol for a press conference releasing exciting new bottle bill polling results.  The poll, conducted by J. Ann Selzer, reaffirmed overwhelming support of Iowa’s bottle bill still exists today.  Nearly nine in ten (88%) active Iowa voters say the bottle bill has been good for the state.  “The bottle bill is popular, and most Iowa voters do not want to see it repealed.  If anything, they are open to the idea of including more types of beverage containers under the law – requiring a deposit for water and sport drink bottles and cans which would be eligible for redemption,” explained Selzer. 

The recent poll further shows nearly four in five support keeping the law in some form (77%); twice the respondents supported expanding the bottle bill (40%) than for repeal (20%).  Representative Andy McKean (R-Anamosa) concurs, “I was first elected to represent Jones County in the Iowa House in 1979 when the bottle bill first took effect.  I witnessed the immediate positive impact of the bill and would like to see it expanded and enhanced as part of a comprehensive statewide recycling program.”

Poll results can be found here:

About the Poll:

Between February 23rd and 26th , 2017, Selzer & Company conducted a poll of 700 active registered voters in the state of Iowa, with the purpose of assessing Iowa voters’ support for or opposition to the bottle bill, which governs deposits and redemptions for certain cans and bottles. A random sample was drawn from active records in the Iowa voter registration list. Responses were weighted by age, sex, and congressional district to match the proportions found in all active voter registration records in Iowa.

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