"A Golden Opportunity..." Iowa's Better Bottle Bill

An editorial written by Teresa Kurtz of the Iowa Recycling Association in support of the Better Bottle Bill appeared in the Monday, May 13, 2013 edition of The Daily Iowan.

Key excerpts from the editorial are as follows:

“Looking back over the last 35 years, few can argue about the successes of the Iowa Bottle Bill. Our state became recognized as a worldwide leader in recycling, hundreds of good jobs created, and more than 90 percent of plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans make it back to redemption centers. Countless civic and community organizations, schools, and churches have used this law to make a difference in the lives of those around us. As a result, we are keeping Iowa beautiful, preserving our bountiful natural resources, and guaranteeing generations of Iowans the ability to enjoy our beautiful parks and trails without the blight of unwanted litter.”

“This is not a new issue, but it is an important one. We have a golden opportunity to take something popular that works well and make it even better. By acting on legislation this year to expand Iowa’s container-deposit law, we can help create Iowa jobs, clean up our environment, and make our great state an even better place for generations to come. The time for action is now.”

To read the entire editorial on The Daily Iowan website, visit HERE.