FAQ – Not a tax; no cost to consumers,  In fact, the alternative, single-stream, actually imposes a cost / tax on the few communities that have adopted the practice. 

Dirty – A recent analysis by an Iowa State University Professor found that nearly 2/3 of all new material would be empty water bottles – bottles that common sense tells us do not naturally contain any sticky residues.  Any argument that modernizing Iowa’s bottle bill will create a dirty environment is simply misplaced, especially considering that many opponents of the bottle bill, such as grocers, invite sick people to their in-store pharmacies and clinics and further encourage patrons to drop-off their dirty laundry in the store for laundering.  Finally, if there is going to be a discussion about a dirty environment, the discussion should focus on encouraging recycling through the most successful and widely popular recycling law in Iowa history, the Iowa Bottle Bill.