Voter Polling Results on Iowa’s Bottle Bill 

Polling Company: J. Ann Selzer, President of Selzer & Company.

Poll Subject: Assessing Iowa voters’ support for or opposition to the bottle bill.

Poll Dates: Poll was conducted between February 23rd and 26th, 2017.

Poll Sample:  Poll consisted of 700 active registered voters in the state of Iowa.  A random sample was drawn from active records in the Iowa voter registration list.  Responses were weighted by age, sex, and congressional district to match the proportions found in all active voter registration records in Iowa.

Poll Results:

  • The current law wins almost universal support. Nearly nine in ten (88%) active Iowa voters say the bottle bill has been good for the state.

  • Nearly four in five support keeping the law in some form; if anything, voters are open to expansion. 

  • Every demographic group identified favors keeping or expanding the law by strong majorities, including:

    • Every age group: Under age 35 (70%) to those ages 55 and over (83%).

    • Every party alliance: Republicans (74%), Democrats (81%), and independents (78%).

    • Every congressional district: From the 4th CD (72%) to the 2nd CD (82%).

    • Every community type: It’s very nearly as popular in the rural areas (77%) as in the metro areas (79%).

  • Large majorities agree with messages about the benefits of the bottle bill and its consequences. For five of these statements, a majority of the respondents not only agree, but agree strongly:

    • The combination of the bottle bill and curbside recycling programs is the best way to decrease the amount of materials going into landfills (89% agree, including 54% who agree strongly).

    • Because of the bottle bill, there is less litter in public places in Iowa (85% agree, including 53% who agree strongly).

    • If the bottle bill were ended, people would not bother with recycling and a lot more bottles and cans would end up in landfills (81% agree, including 53% who agree strongly).

    • There should be a national bottle bill so people in every state would have an incentive to recycle (78% agree, including 51% who agree strongly).

    • The bottle bill helps charities such as Cub Scouts, Brownies, and other groups who collect cans and bottles from others to raise money for their organizations (88% agree, including 51% who agree strongly).